The secret has been revealed.


Baking also know as COOKING. Its been a Pro technique for a long time till last Summer (2014).

The idea is to layer a heavy thick application of translucent (whether its loose or pressed ) powder under the eye area over the concealer and leave it for few minutes, so your body’s natural heat can ‘Bake’ the concealer into the creases for smoother & professional result.


How to do it the perfect way ?

Apply the Creamy Conceler under your eye area with your finger or sponge, then using the Setting Brush apply a good amount of a translucent powder , finally leave it for 5-10 mins while your body do the cooking for you and dust it away.



My tip for you ladies is to save this trick special occasion only.

Will you be trying this new technique? 

Let me know in the comments!



Lamya xx

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Sharing Classiness, Simple and Feminine.

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