Travel Fashionably

Have you ever considered your Take-Off Look?!

The Key is keeping It Simple and Smart.


Let’s get started then


First Pants

I would prefer wearing Pants on a plane, nor Skirt or dress. (Especially if its more than 2 hours flight).

Jeans and leggings are good options.




Second Top & Tees

Cotton Tees or Tops will be very comfortable choice.

Third Shoes

Depending on your mood and personality, I remember wearing heels on the plane, but I always take with me a couple pair of thick socks so I will slip them on when the plane takes off.

Sneakers are so in now so why not wearing one on a board, comfy and stylish.

Fourth Bags

Light leather bag will be a great option, you don’t want to carry a heavy bag so take one will fit all your things.

Fifth Cardigans

It always gets chilly on plan so having a light cardigan will be smart.

These Other accessories I LOVE to take aboard.

Thick cottons Socks




Lip Palm


MAC Fix Plus  (Refresher Mist)


Clear Travel Small bag, (SAVE TIME AND EFFORT)


Fashion Magazines


Tell me what you MUST item to bring on a plane??

Wish you all fashionable Vacation xx

Lamya x

My First Ever Blog Post ! Welcome.

Its always my dream to be a STYLIST someday, attending all the exclusive events , styling for big magazines , traveling around the world for fashion shows and meeting powerful people in Fashion Industry but then am awake back to just Lamya from Kuwait.
I’m really Passionate for FASHION specially Styling. I always get comments from my friends like :
” I LOVE your Outfit Today!”
“Oh, I just Love how you pair this Pants with that Top!”
“Can you please tell me how to wear this Skirt ?”
Starting a blog was in my mind for almost 3 years I was really afraid to go for it, I don’t know why I was creating many excuses for not to blog, but then just yesterday after watching #HouseOfDVF in #E! I relised that I should own a Fashion Blog ASAP talking all about Fashion and foucasing in Styling more. However, I have already an Instagram account creating all the Outfits of the day by me and sharing an interesting pictures about Fashion & Beauty, But I think Blog is a good way to write more about the picture than just upload it.
So Finally Here I am.

So yeah I Love to Style, “Playing Dressing-Up Starts at age Five and never Ends”. KATE SPADE

Here you will find all the interesting topics about New Trends in FashionStyling Tips and Beauty products to play with. You are welcome to leave comments share your thoughts with me OR if you prefer an Email thats fine as well.
Let’s get the FUN Started.