The Jeans Manual

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” -Yves Saint Laurent

Classic blue jeans will always remain a yearlong style essential, so it’s important to find ones that do your body some good.

And with a trendy new denim label launching almost every week, keeping track of what’s hot and what’s not.

Skinny or straight?

Bootcut or loose-fitting?

Grey or navy?

High-waist or hipster?

Designer or High Street?


Here are some guidelines for helping you to decide what type of jeans you should buy.



Wear Flare jeans if you want to minimize your wide hips.


Wear Cropped Skinny jeans if you are short.


Wear Bootcut jeans if you have full thighs, provides a straight-leg silhouette that minimizes your thighs.


Wear Mid-Rise jeans to keep your legs from looking short.


Wear High Waist jeans if you have tummy-conscious, plus a dark color will slim down any undesirable bumps.




Trends in fashion come and go, and some denim styles are fun to experiment with. But a pair of jeans that truly flatters your figure and holds your body perfectly will always stay in style. At the end of the day, try on a lot of different styles and see what you feel the most comfortable in.

My Style Trick : Move around the fitting room with the jeans on , jump up and down, sit down and bend over just to make sure you 100% comfortable before you decide whether to purchase them or not.

Military x Feminine

Military x Feminine


Lipsy lace shirt
15 KWD –

WithChic green coat
16 KWD –

Long skirt
41 KWD –

Gucci leather purse
500 KWD –

Layered necklace
9.051 KWD –

Isabel Marant belt
39 KWD –

Out Of The BOX

You think Silk Scarf has made in the lady’s neck and head only? Well, think again!



Around your ankle, pair it with pointy heels.


Around your Wrist with your bangles.



Around Your Waist as a belt perfect with jeans.


Accessorize your Bag.


What’s your favorite option ?

Mine is around my wrist.


Lamya x

Romantic Ruffles ❤️

Romantic Ruffles ❤️


E L L E R Y off shoulder blouse
275 KWD –

Stoner pants
8.498 KWD –

Jimmy Choo pointed toe shoes
185 KWD –

Edie Parker box clutch
450 KWD –

Fallon pearl tie necklace
105 KWD –

Serge Lutens lip gloss
48 KWD –

Yves Saint Laurent liquid eye liner
10 KWD –

Marc jacobs cosmetic

Alaïa body moisturizer
13 KWD –


Casual Thursday


White blouse
13 KWD –

J Brand boyfriend jeans
110 KWD –

Nly Shoes black boots
18 KWD –

Chloé crossbody purse
350 KWD –

Feminine vs Edgy Style

Feminine vs Edgy Style


Barbara Bui silk shirt
98 KWD –

Pinko green blazer
80 KWD –

Cameo black trousers
28 KWD –

Nly Shoes thick heel sandals
18 KWD –

Chanel quilted purse
1,340 KWD –

Oversize this Season 💕

Oversize this Season 💕

Carven coat
315 KWD –

H&M skinny jeans
14 KWD –

Acne Studios crocs shoes
50 KWD –

Linda Farrow cat eye glasses
185 KWD –

By Terry nude lipstick
11 KWD –

Gucci nude lipstick
13 KWD –

Topshop eye makeup
4.227 KWD –

Nars cosmetic
6.038 KWD –